Lights, Camera ..... Action

As the one month long back-to-back shooting for my company’s cookery show comes to a finish, I couldn’t help but recollect the Me, before this whole affair with the camera began.

Being a part of the marketing team of an established health & wellness organization certainly requires more versatility than I had ever credited myself for.
It began with my company signing a certain number of episodes with a renowned production house & a food channel.

Our MD wanted atleast three member of the marketing team to be present for the shoot. And I was selected as one of them.

So, on my first day for the shoot I entered the sets like a puppy lost in the crowd. But once I got the hang of it, this is how I decided to portray my dynamic personality

  • Never arrived on time for shooting…to be just in line with the stars
  • Never took my eyes off all the cute production house guys
  • Never gave the scriptwriter a moment of peace…always meddled in between their ideas
  • Never had lunch on time…..and roamed about feeling bloated
  • Never settled in one place for more than 10 minutes at a stretch
  • Always applied a deo since the AC had been put off throughout the shooting due to some weird complication between the cooking smoke hindering the camera
  • Always arrived in my best clothes even if it meant spoiling them in the dust on the sets
  • Always kept smiling…whether I understood something or not…yes like a madwoman
  • Always befriended the make-up artists & tricked them to work my face or hair
This being my first experience with the dream world, was really excited about the whole idea. And believe me it was worth it..and more..

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