Curious about me??

They call me:  Mona Sarkar
4 a living:        BrandComms
SunSign:         Gemini  
DOB:              17th June

A romantic at heart... Fantasy-land is where I live. I still believe in fairy tales with Happily ever afters!
Like most girls I luv talking my heart out especially if something goes wrong (read when I fall in love).It is something which happens to me quite often....
Observing little itsy-bitsy habits in people around me is one of my favorite pass-times.
I started blogging as a way to kill time on various unwanted occassions and also to provide my bit of superior inputs to my readers through my varied n crazy viewpoints.
Most of the time my constant source of inspiration comes from real life experiences and of course from the ever increasing number of newer n fresher blogs which I often stumble upon while surfing.

Why I like Blogging?

Life is an interesting journey full of varied and colorful experiences though not all colors can be your favorite...
Hence when u get a platform such as this, it can be very supportive especially when u get to share it with like minded people.It also allows u to learn from others' experiences. this is it... before u decide to ban me completely off ur list, I should stop blabbering.

Thank you for visiting n reading my blogs.
And don't forget to type in some feedback n comments .

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