Delhi Guy..O Delhi Guy

O Delhi guy O Delhi guy
Why are you acting all so high

Reading my words every now & then
That’s fine, but where are your opinions

Stop sneeking, stop hiding
Come upfront, don’t be shy

Who you are,what you are
How will I know unless you try

Yes Iam quite serious
Stop acting so mysterious

These lines are my passwords
You are smart, unveil them O nerd

Have the guts to break the ice
Playing hide & seek, is not so nice

When will the time come, when will I see
I will get to know you & you will get to know me

Spell Of Love

Wish I could cast a spell on you
And make you closer to me
Wrapped-in a coil called LOVE
We are the ones can’t you see

My spell would be soft
My spell would be blue
A puff of magic
Meant only for YOU


My spell will trap you
In such a way
No matter where you go
With you I will stay

As the days pass
My spell on you will grow
What you have meant to me so far
Now you will know

Only then will I be happy
Only then will I joy
When the spell proves
My lovely ploy

"Yes" he said to me
With his impish smile
I always did love you
But it took me a little while

O magic spell !  O magic spell ! I yell
Thank you, I have his love now
Go & knock on some other girl’s doorbell

May she also find her love & life
And soothe her heart’s burn
For I know how it feels
When a love is not returned