Herbal Beauty Tips-Straight from the Kitchen!

Every woman craves to have flawless, smooth and soft skin. But not everyone can afford to spend oodles of money on buying expensive cosmetics. Maybe some people can but are simply too lazy to go about cosmetic shopping.
In such cases kitchen comes most handy in fixing some of the expected skin and hair related issues. So take a quick leap to your kitchen to pick, mix and apply !

Apply a mixture of castor oil mixed with lemon juice and honey. Keep it for 10-15 minutes then wash off with a mild face wash.

Apply a mixture of Almond Oil (5-7 drops), honey and milk cream as a face pack after thoroughly cleansing your face.

For extremely damaged to aged skin- Take any good cocoa butter cream, add jojoba oil (6-8 drops) as well as almond oil (6-8 drops). For fragrance you can also add a little sandalwood oil. Use this as an overnight cream. Every night before retiring to bed, cleanse your face, dab some rose water let it dry then apply this cream and massage lightly for a minute.

Homemade butter is one of the best options to fight dryness not only for face but for your entire body. Take few scoops of it, add olive oil and few drops of lemon in it. Now massage this mixture all over the body. Let it stay for half an hour then have a regular bath. Do this atleast twice a week during winters.

Always keep some coconut oil handy in case there is nothing else just apply it directly or add 3-4 spoons of it the bath water.

Honey is one of the best moisturizers. Take 2 teaspoons of honey, mix 2 tea spoons of milk powder, add few drops of lemon juice and pour some rose water to make a thick paste. Apply this face pack every day for glowing and clear skin.

Sugar granules, olive oil and lemon juice make a great body scrub. Massage this slowly before bath for 10 minutes then apply a pack of chickpea (besan)powder, milk and turmeric and keep it for 10 minutes. Now wash off and feel the soft renewed skin beneath. Do not step out of the house with applying a good sunscreen after this procedure. Apply sunscreen atleast half an hour before going out in the sun.

Winter Care Tips

The season of the cold creams and hot soups is on full swing, making us lethargic like never before. Getting out of bed seems like a big task making looking good and  maintaining your beauty routine something like a mission impossible.
But then there is a price for everything in life….same applies to having a great skin and hair!

Here are few tips which will make sure that you have a sooth sailing winter:

Eat lots of protein rich foods like Paneer, Chicken, Eggs, Soyabean, nuts and other dairy products. Have lots of hot soups to boost your immune system to fight against the cold weather. Also take Cod liver oil supplements.


Even though you might not feel the need to have it still force yourself to have atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily. It rinses out your system well.

3.Oil Bath
Massage oil over entire body and let it stay for as long as possible- minimum 30 minutes then have a bath with luke warm water. Do this atleast once a week.

Also, you can pour some oil in bath water and use it directly for bathing.


Never step out without a moisturizer. Also, invest in a good over night cream and apply it after cleansing thoroughly.


Use a mixture of oil with sugar crystals to exfoliate. Rub this mixture onto your body before bath for 5-10 mins then carry on with your normal bath routine.


Constantly staying cuddled up inside the quilt will do no good for your blood circulation. Doing atleast half an hour of aerobics everyday will not only support your muscles but bring that much desired pinkish glow to your face.

7.Winter Beauty Packs

a. For Glow and Anti-Dryness

Take Milk cream, add honey, almond oil and few drops of lime juice.
Mix this paste thoroughly and apply on entire face and neck. Keep it for 15 mins and wash off using luke warm water.

b.For Anti-Dryness and Tan Removal

Take some boiled milk
Add a little lime Juice in it
Let it set for another half an hour
Now mix a little glycerine in it
You can apply this mixture either on your face or all over the body and let it absorb for 30 mins.
Rinse off with Luke warm water.


Winter’s biggest curse are the cruel wave of cold and cough that catch us unawares. They are a true bummer to the otherwise excellent weather.
Make sure to eat lots of Vitamin C found in- Indian Gooseberries , oranges and lemon to help fight against the cold.

9.For Hair

First of all do not wash your hair very frequently during winters. Take regular hair spa treatment available in any of the good beauty parlour in your area. For home care follow as given below

Apply warm olive oil and massage for 15 mins. Keep it overnight and wash off in the morning.

Apply a mixture of eggs with curd and lemon juice as hair pack during winters


Make sure that you exfoliate your lips atleast once a week. Take a soft tooth brush, dip it in warm water and without using toothpaste gently brush your lips. Follow this tip with a soothing and quality lip balm, you can also use vaseline. Besides, ensure that whatever lip gloss you use, it should have moisturizing features.

How to keep yourself happy

Maintain a hobby. It can be house cleaning, reading, dancing, crafts, writing etc., anything absolutely. It doesn’t matter as long as it keeps you completely happy and sufficiently occupied.

2. Music

Here’s what I have done.
Made a collection of all the sad songs I had and kept them aside. Then I made a separate section wherein I had only romantic or dance numbers in other words music with happier notes in them.
So now whenever I am sad, angry or generally emotional I make it a point to listen to one of those energetic and rhythmic numbers. They immediately make me feel emotionally elated and bright.
Life has enough problems without us making it even more complicated by listening to sad songs.

3. Grouch Syndrome

Maintain a great circle of close friends. But those who have this constant habit of being pessimistic all the time, can do without your companionship. Remove all those grouches who never let you let go off your failures.

4. Self Help

Although some might not agree but I personally feel that reading self help books can truly boost your will power and efficiency. They provide you with perfect examples which can be easily related to our everyday struggles.

5. Pets

Pets are an amazing source of positive energy. Their capacity to impart unconditional love and playful nature never allows you to feel alone.

6. Diet

Study has proved that high calorie diet like chocolates, fried food, desserts etc can elate your mood instantly.
So next whenever you feel low, go ahead and indulge and give in to your favourite food craving.

7. Yoga

Invest atleast 20 mins of your time doing Yoga.
Deep breathing and meditation also helps in relaxing the mind thus removing stress.

8. Value & Appreciate

Learn to value and appreciate even the smallest of gifts of life. Be thankful for all the people (no matter how small the number) who are there in your life. Never take them for granted and acknowledge their presence by doing something simply for them.

9. Day Dream

This is something I do 24x7…and believe me I never get time to be Bored, sad or gloomy.
Always set a goal and then as often as possible visualize yourself actually achieving it.  Your life will automatically start shaping slowly but steadily to the way you wanted it to be.

10. Be Patient

Remember there is always a next time. Don’t take life too seriously it will not do you any good. Hence stop being hard on yourself, just focus on your goals and keep going with the flow.

Everyday is not the same hence there will be days when you will feel low, just accept it as a part of life and make these amends to deal with them.

Certificate lamination

As a precaution one is advised to laminate all your degree certificates the moment they are issued, to protect them from withering away. For me however, it was one of those tasks which were nowhere in my priority list since I have this habit to constantly keep work pending for the eleventh hour till  the deadline is secured  tightly around my neck .

Finally after much crabbiness I was able to overcome my years’ of laziness and walk up to the store to get my certificates laminated.

Since it was a little time consuming process I got myself a comfortable chair and sat in one corner. And almost involuntarily started going through all those years of hard work that had resulted in those certificates.

It suddenly made me feel nostalgic and brought back all those unwanted feelings of sleepless nights preparing for the exams.

Life is truly strange ..…. even after all these years you can still feel smell of those school days.

Make Your Own Cosmetics

Post Shaving Soothener

This soothener is recommended for women who face eruptions after shaving.


OTC Aloe vera gel
Tea tree oil
Camomile Oil


Take 2-3 spoons of the aloe vera gel (increase the quantity for greater area coverage)
Add 4-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil and Camomile Oil each.
Mix them and it is ready to use.

Apply it immediately after shaving on slightly moist skin.
Rub it slightly till the skin absorbs it. Leave it on.