How to keep yourself happy

Maintain a hobby. It can be house cleaning, reading, dancing, crafts, writing etc., anything absolutely. It doesn’t matter as long as it keeps you completely happy and sufficiently occupied.

2. Music

Here’s what I have done.
Made a collection of all the sad songs I had and kept them aside. Then I made a separate section wherein I had only romantic or dance numbers in other words music with happier notes in them.
So now whenever I am sad, angry or generally emotional I make it a point to listen to one of those energetic and rhythmic numbers. They immediately make me feel emotionally elated and bright.
Life has enough problems without us making it even more complicated by listening to sad songs.

3. Grouch Syndrome

Maintain a great circle of close friends. But those who have this constant habit of being pessimistic all the time, can do without your companionship. Remove all those grouches who never let you let go off your failures.

4. Self Help

Although some might not agree but I personally feel that reading self help books can truly boost your will power and efficiency. They provide you with perfect examples which can be easily related to our everyday struggles.

5. Pets

Pets are an amazing source of positive energy. Their capacity to impart unconditional love and playful nature never allows you to feel alone.

6. Diet

Study has proved that high calorie diet like chocolates, fried food, desserts etc can elate your mood instantly.
So next whenever you feel low, go ahead and indulge and give in to your favourite food craving.

7. Yoga

Invest atleast 20 mins of your time doing Yoga.
Deep breathing and meditation also helps in relaxing the mind thus removing stress.

8. Value & Appreciate

Learn to value and appreciate even the smallest of gifts of life. Be thankful for all the people (no matter how small the number) who are there in your life. Never take them for granted and acknowledge their presence by doing something simply for them.

9. Day Dream

This is something I do 24x7…and believe me I never get time to be Bored, sad or gloomy.
Always set a goal and then as often as possible visualize yourself actually achieving it.  Your life will automatically start shaping slowly but steadily to the way you wanted it to be.

10. Be Patient

Remember there is always a next time. Don’t take life too seriously it will not do you any good. Hence stop being hard on yourself, just focus on your goals and keep going with the flow.

Everyday is not the same hence there will be days when you will feel low, just accept it as a part of life and make these amends to deal with them.

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