Delhi Guy..O Delhi Guy

O Delhi guy O Delhi guy
Why are you acting all so high

Reading my words every now & then
That’s fine, but where are your opinions

Stop sneeking, stop hiding
Come upfront, don’t be shy

Who you are,what you are
How will I know unless you try

Yes Iam quite serious
Stop acting so mysterious

These lines are my passwords
You are smart, unveil them O nerd

Have the guts to break the ice
Playing hide & seek, is not so nice

When will the time come, when will I see
I will get to know you & you will get to know me

Spell Of Love

Wish I could cast a spell on you
And make you closer to me
Wrapped-in a coil called LOVE
We are the ones can’t you see

My spell would be soft
My spell would be blue
A puff of magic
Meant only for YOU


My spell will trap you
In such a way
No matter where you go
With you I will stay

As the days pass
My spell on you will grow
What you have meant to me so far
Now you will know

Only then will I be happy
Only then will I joy
When the spell proves
My lovely ploy

"Yes" he said to me
With his impish smile
I always did love you
But it took me a little while

O magic spell !  O magic spell ! I yell
Thank you, I have his love now
Go & knock on some other girl’s doorbell

May she also find her love & life
And soothe her heart’s burn
For I know how it feels
When a love is not returned

The awesome ways I flunk my Interviews...

Much as I hate taking orders from people, a regular job definitely sounds like a safer option. I often end up giving interviews, more out of necessity than general market scanning for my candidature :)
So in one more such attempt to grab my dream job I decided to appear for an interview with a reputed company. But....

The Problem

Unfortunately a day before the interview my PG owner suddenly decided to renovate
our entire flat
Although they had informed us before hand, I didn’t realise that the scheduled interview might clash with day of renovation.
So here I was preparing for the interview sitting right at the center of all the clutter & a upside down flat.

The D-Day

The next day finally dawned with me running around, rummaging the entire house trying to get ready. The interview was scheduled during the first half of the day.
Just as I was about to leave, it occurred to me that something was missing….Oh lord, the Gold Earrings!!
Should I wait & search for it or leave - I was already running late. I hardly did have any other choice than to forget about the earrings & run for the interview, which was precisely what I did. 

But the issue kept playing in my mind.

The Goof up

Inspite of my troubled mind, the interview started well. After clearing some of the initial questions I relaxed and so did the interviewer. Then we chatted generally about different company policies and workplace atmosphere. He also started telling me about his own experiences in his earlier companies. By now I had become comfortable with the way the interview was going and thought maybe this is where it ends or is about to end.

But for some reason the guy bounced back with this age-old question “ So tell me, what do you know about our company?” I was prepared with the answer but just as I was about to answer it, his phone rang with a loud shrill. He said “Excuse me”. I said “Sure” and sat there thinking particularly nothing, waiting for his call to end.
While he was busy on the call my mind wandered back to the issue of the earring – Where did I keep it. In the drawer..No…In the cupboard …No..umm..ohh right…the red purse inside my second favourite handbag. There it was. It did finally occur to me but now the question was, where exactly was that favourite purse…oh lord..not again

“ So we were discussing something about the company, ok, so where were we?” the interviewer asked

“umm..err” I faked a smile

He smiled back…though weirdly

“Sir…your company is truly great…it is a well known brand and and..umm err..”

“Well, that is something we already know..tell me something new” he said

“ You provide personalised services to customers and umm err” I fumbled, my mind was blank due to the sudden shift from the earring to the Company topic.

I somehow mumbled something and completed the question. By now, the interviewer had stopped prodding me since it was obvious that I was going nowhere. Although even he was surprised as to what happened to chatterbox Me.
After some uncomfortable moments he told me that they will get back to me shortly. So I thanked him & left kicking & cursing myself hundred times over.

By the end of the day, I was sure of 2 things:

Firstly,I knew that I was certainly not getting that job and
Secondly….I will never again wear that jinxed gold earring..I hated it by now.

I should be so Lucky..Lucky…Lucky

Well, let me tell you one thing,  just for the record. I never get a job without messing up the interview…. Meaning I have to truly ruin it, to get that Job. 
So as the above Kylie Minogue number goes, I had every reason to call myself lucky. Even with all the pessimistic thinking & negative self analysis, I actually did get the call for the next, final round.

And I guess all’s well that ends well.

Lights, Camera ..... Action

As the one month long back-to-back shooting for my company’s cookery show comes to a finish, I couldn’t help but recollect the Me, before this whole affair with the camera began.

Being a part of the marketing team of an established health & wellness organization certainly requires more versatility than I had ever credited myself for.
It began with my company signing a certain number of episodes with a renowned production house & a food channel.

Our MD wanted atleast three member of the marketing team to be present for the shoot. And I was selected as one of them.

So, on my first day for the shoot I entered the sets like a puppy lost in the crowd. But once I got the hang of it, this is how I decided to portray my dynamic personality

  • Never arrived on time for shooting…to be just in line with the stars
  • Never took my eyes off all the cute production house guys
  • Never gave the scriptwriter a moment of peace…always meddled in between their ideas
  • Never had lunch on time…..and roamed about feeling bloated
  • Never settled in one place for more than 10 minutes at a stretch
  • Always applied a deo since the AC had been put off throughout the shooting due to some weird complication between the cooking smoke hindering the camera
  • Always arrived in my best clothes even if it meant spoiling them in the dust on the sets
  • Always kept smiling…whether I understood something or not…yes like a madwoman
  • Always befriended the make-up artists & tricked them to work my face or hair
This being my first experience with the dream world, was really excited about the whole idea. And believe me it was worth it..and more..